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Elevate Business Advisors

Business Coaching  Leadership  Sales Training

About Us

Thomas Clinton, Jr. is the Founder and President of Elevate Business Advisors, an advisory firm that focuses on business coaching, sales training and leadership skills for small to mid-sized businesses.

In addition to Elevate Business Advisors, Mr. Clinton has owned, built and managed other successful businesses over his thirty year career. He has successfully navigated recessions and downturns over the years and has positioned his businesses to capture market share during these events. Mr. Clinton focuses on small to mid-sized businesses, these businesses can reap great rewards quickly. 

Throughout his career he has trained sales reps, sales managers and executives on reaching higher and attaining their goals. He can help you step-by-step to meet your objectives and goals. Tom possesses a unique blend of education and real world "in the trenches" experience. This real world experience helps him connect and deliver a powerful message that gets results quickly.

Tom utilizes his dynamic C R D sales process to help ensure that you and your sales force will close more sales faster.

Tom Clinton President of Elevate Business Advisors

Tom Clinton President of Elevate Business Advisors

Our system will provide your reps with the ability to find prospects, secure an appointments, neutralize objections and close more sales.

If you are ready to take your career and or company to the next level of profitability and success, please contact us today for your zero cost initial consultation: 443.357.2857

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Elevate Business Advisors

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